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How CloudPanel Plans Work

CloudPanel uses plans and you assign different plans to different objects in the system. Each type of plan has a different function and is required to work properly.

Company Plans

Company plans are assigned to each company and limit the ability to create a certain amount of objects. These limits are database limits only and do not place any limitations on Exchange or other integration?s within your environment. Every company within CloudPanel must be assigned a company plan.

If a limit is reached you can modify the company?s plan to a new plan with a higher limit or adjust the current plan’s limit.

Field Description
Name The display name of the company plan
Users The total amount of users that can be added
Security Groups The amount of security groups that the company can add
Domains Number of domains the company can have
Mailboxes How many Exchange mailboxes can be enabled
Contact Number of mail contacts in Exchange for the company
Distribution Groups Total of distribution groups that can be added
Resource Mailboxes Total number of resource mailboxes that can be added (shared, equipment, room)
ActiveSync Plans Number of unique ActiveSync policies that the company can have
Mail-Enabled Public Folders Total number of public folders that can be mail enabled (currently not in use)
Citrix Users How many users can be enabled for Citrix

Mailbox Plans

Mailbox plans are assigned to each user and are what contains the values that will be set on the mailboxes when they are enabled or updated. By default mailbox plans are global and available for each company to use. If you wish to lock down a plan so only a single company can access it then you can choose that company from the Company drop down list.

How does the max mailbox size work?

In CloudPanel you have the ability to set the starting size of a mailbox (Prohibit Send and Receive in MB) and a maximum size. This allows you to adjust the user?s size without actually having to change the plan completely.


  • Issue Warning in MB: 3840 [3.75GB]
  • Prohibit Send in MB: 4096 [4GB]
  • Prohibit Send and Receive in MB: 4096 [4GB]
  • Max Mailbox Size in MB: 6144 [6GB]
  • Cost: $1.75
  • Price: $5.95
  • Price per additional gigabyte: $1.00

In this example we enable a mailbox and adjust the slider to 5120 [GB] which is an additional 1024MB from the starting point. CloudPanel will automatically adjust the issue warning in MB and prohibit send in MB on the back-end to 4864MB (adds the same 1024MB) and also adjust the price on the reports by adding $1.00 since 1GB was added.

What happens when I modify a plan that is already assigned to a user?

At this time when you modify the plan it will not propagate down to users that already are assigned the plan. The next time those users are updated or a new user is created with the plan then it will assign the new values you assigned.