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How to configure a company admin to login to CloudPanel

What is a Company Admin?

Company admins are users that are able to login to CloudPanel and be able to view, create, modify, or delete objects such as users, group, mailboxes, and many more.

You can limit what access the company admin has by using permission groups that are in CloudPanel.

Configuring Groups

When you are logged into CloudPanel as a super admin, you will see a link under the “Configuration” section of the menu called Permissions. This is where you will create the groups you will assign to users that you want to be able to login as a company admin.

Simply provide a name for the group and go through each section to check what you want users assigned to this group to be able to do. After saving you will have a Users box where you can choose users that you want to belong to this group.

Limiting Access

Starting with CloudPanel 3.2.0302.0 you can now limit visibility and limit access to specific companies and/or resellers.

Limit Visibility

Choose which companies can see this permission in the dropdown. If you choose a reseller then only the companies under that selected reseller can see this group.

If you choose companies then only those companies can see this group.

Limit Access

Choose which companies or resellers this group will have access to. Selecting a reseller will result in the user being able to manage all companies under this reseller.

If you select individual companies then that user will be able to manage all companies that you have selected.

Assigning The Permissions

You assign the permission group you created above by going to the user object while logged in as a Super Admin and choose the group in the Permissions drop down list.

What are some of these options?

Some of the options may be confusing, so you can see more detailed information about specific roles below:

Permission Information
Edit Permissions
Gives the ability to modify user's permissions (select permission groups the user should be assigned to)
Require Two-Factor Authentication
Any user assigned to this group will be required to have two-factor enabled
Department Lockdown
This locks down users where they can only see users in the company that have the same value in the department field
Is Reseller Admin
This makes the user have access to all companies that are part of the same reseller as the company the user belongs to.