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Customize Time Frames

The ADSync service will default to syncing attributes and passwords every 15 minutes, but this can be customized. Simply go to the registry settings with regedit and modify the timeframes and then restart the service. Keep in mind if the customer has multiple domain controllers, this will need to be done on each one.

Registry Key Description

  • CPUsersInterval
    • Retrieves a list of users from CloudPanel and their attributes and syncs it with the local domain controller
  • ADUsersInterval
    • Retrieves a list of local users in Active Directory and their attributes to send them to CloudPanel
  • CPChangesInterval
    • Processes any password changes that happened in CloudPanel and changes the user’s password in the local domain controller.
  • ADChangesInterval
    • Processes any password changes that happened on the local domain controller and sends them to CloudPanel
  • DataProtectionUpdated
    • This is an advanced key to disable the updated encryption methods that CloudPanel started in 3.2.0355.0.
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