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Changing the SamAccountName Format

Default Value (0):

  • This will use the text supplied in the username before the @ symbol. It will strip any invalid characters and if there is already a sAMAccountName then it will start appending numbers until it finds one available.
  • Cons: Using this setting could prevent you from creating objects with usernames that begin with words like “info” or “service” due to those sAMAccountNames being reserved words in Active Directory. At this time CloudPanel does not check against reserved words.

Unique Value (1):

  • CloudPanel will generate a unique sAMAccountName using both the text before the @ symbol in the username and the domain name. If the domain is changed for the user the sAMAccountName will not be modified.
  • CloudPanel will trim the generated sAMAccountName to under 19 characters

Unique Value (2) [Starting with version and above]:

  • CloudPanel will take the display name and split it into two strings to generate a Firstname.Lastname format.
  • If the display name is only one word, then it will attempt to use that single word as the SamAccountName
  • If the SamAccountName is generated and over 20 characters then it will be trimmed.

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