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Configure Plans

Once you are able to login to CloudPanel, you need to configure a few things before you start creating resellers and companies. The first thing you need to configure is the Company Plans. To access the plans menu you need to click the three vertical icons at the top right and choose the Config section. With company plans you can control how many users, mailboxes, and other objects such as distribution groups and security groups can be created in a company that is assigned the plan. When you create a company you must choose a company plan to assign.

After you configure the company plans, you must start configuring the mailbox plans. Mailbox plans are assigned to each user that you enable a mailbox for and is what assigns the appropriate values such as mailbox size, what features they have enabled, and send/receive limits. Pay close attention to the features because leaving a feature like “MAPI” disabled will result in Outlook not being able to connect.

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