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Install Your License

CloudPanel comes with 250 users that will ALWAYS be free, but in order to expand the amount of users you can add to CloudPanel you must purchase a license. There are two types of licenses you can purchase for CloudPanel:

  • Yearly: You pay for licenses in blocks of 250-users once per year. This avoids you having to deal with making monthly payments and can also render greater discounts at higher quantities (although lower quantities we don’t offer many discounts).
  • Monthly: You pay per user per month (excluding your free 250 users) for every user that you have above 250. If you have 300 users, then you would only be invoiced for 50 users for that month.

Once you have received your license file from sales, you will need to place this file in the Config directory where you installed CloudPanel. Typically this path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Know More IT\CloudPanel\Config


Once you have placed the license file in the directory, you must recycle the application pool that CloudPanel is using. Go to IIS and open the Application Pools, find the one tied to your CloudPanel application, right click and choose Recycle

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