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Create Connectwise API Member

The API member you create does not count against your user licenses and is used for CloudPanel to connect and communicate with Connectwise. You will need to configure this new member so it will have access to all the companies that you plan to have in CloudPanel. If the API member does not have access to a company, then CloudPanel cannot sync to it.

Create API Member

  • Click on the System tab, click Members, select API Members tab, and then click the plus button to add new
  • Fill in the information for your environment and make sure this member has access to the companies and the ability to modify product additions under agreements. Click save.
  • Select the API Keys tab while you are in the new member you just created and click the plus button to add new
  • Populate the description field and press save. This will generate a Public Key and a Private Key that you will need for CloudPanel. Make sure you save the Private Key somewhere safe because Connectwise will not let you view it again.
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