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Setup Products

If you are not aware of how agreements work in Connectwise, then not to worry. Connectwise uses agreements under each company to control how to bill your customers, when to bill your customers, and even how much to bill your customers. Under each agreement you can add product additions which are products that you create in Connectwise. These products include a name, description, quantity, cost and price which CloudPanel will use to adjust your figures automatically.

Create Product

  • Click on the Procurement tab, select Product Catalog, then click the plus sign to create a new product. Note: If you have existing products then you can skip this section
  • Enter a product id, description, cost, price, and customer description. The customer description will appear on the invoice.
  • Set the product class to “Agreement”
  • Save the product and repeat these steps for additional products to match your mailbox plans in CloudPanel
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