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What Now?

Now that you have associated an agreement with a CloudPanel customer, the syncing will start based on the interval you have setup in the setup page of CloudPanel. This interval tells the CloudPanel service how often it should sync all agreements in Connectwise.

What happens when a sync occurs?

  • CloudPanel Service will search for all the agreements selected in the database. If you change an agreement (like delete one and create a new one) then you must update CloudPanel
  • It will look through each mailbox plan that is associated with a product in Connectwise
  • The CloudPanel service will update the quantity of users associated with that mailbox plan in the product additions under that agreement. If the product addition doesn’t exist under the agreement then CloudPanel will add it for you and use the cost/price from the mailbox plan in CloudPanel.
    Note: If you set a custom price for the mailbox plan in CloudPanel, then it will use that price instead of the price set on the mailbox plan. Also if you update the discounts for a specific company in CloudPanel, it will update the price for that addition in Connectwise. Each time the CloudPanel service syncs with Connectwise, it will sync the price and cost in order to make both CloudPanel and Connectwise always in sync.
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