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Route By Sender

The CloudPanel Transport Agent will handle routing messages between tenants on your Exchange environment.  Exchange by default will not send any emails to the send connector when the domain you are sending to is an accepted domain on the same Exchange environment.

Even though Microsoft released Address Book Policies it doesn’t take care of some things and could still potentially leak information between tenants. For example, internal Out of Office messages will be leaked between tenants because as far as Exchange is concerned the other tenant is on the same environment… which in turn sends the internal out of office message back instead of the external out of office.

There are three things this transport agent will do for you:

  • Route all email sent between tenants (I.E. domain1.com sends an email to domain2.com and they are both tenants on your hosted Exchange environment) out a specific send connector which you should have a smart-host set on.
  • Determine if internal out of office messages are about to be sent to other tenants and delete them before they reach the other end.
  • Route certain sender domains to a specific send connector (route by sender)


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