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Lockdown Company to a Database

Starting with CloudPanel 3.2.0250.0, you can now lock down companies to specific databases.

How To

In order to perform this action you must be logged into CloudPanel as a super administrator.

When you login as a super admin, click on the right menu toggle button located at the top right.

This will bring you to another screen that should list of all the mailbox databases detected by the CloudPanel service. If you do not see any databases listed here, then please make sure you have installed the CloudPanel service and it is running.NoteYou can also click on the top right refresh button on the page to retrieve a live result from production of the databases. This will also include any previous databases if you are running in co-existence.√óDismiss alert

Once you see the list of databases, you can choose the company to lock down by selecting the company from the drop down list. You can lock down a company to multiple databases and CloudPanel will handle alternating which database is assigned when creating a new user.

When you assign a company to a database, it will exclude that database from the Exchange load balancing by setting the IsExcludedFromProvisioning and IsSuspendedFromProvisioning flags in Exchange.

When you remove a company from being assigned to a database, you can choose to put the mailbox database back in provisioning so others can start using it, or leave it excluded. If you leave it excluded then the Exchange load balancer will continue to not put users in this database.

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