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Add Public Folder Mailboxes

Once you are caught up to this point you can now create public folder mailboxes for your customers.
Creating public folder mailboxes is done by clicking on the Add New button at the top right and filling in the fields:

  • Name: This is the name of the public folder mailbox
    Display Name: This is the display name of the public folder mailbox
  • E-Mail: Each public folder mailbox must contain a valid email address that works with autodiscover. Public folders will not work and will generate errors if autodiscover is not working properly. The email address you enter should be using a domain that belongs to the customer you are creating the public folder mailbox for.
  • Plan: The public folder mailbox plan that limits the amount of data that can be put in the mailbox
  • Company: The company you want to create the public folder mailbox for.
  • Root Folder Name: When you create a public folder mailbox it will create a top level public folder that your customer will put all of their data in. This is the name of the public folder being created.
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