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Mail-Enabled Public Folders

With CloudPanel you have the option to enable a public folder for email so it can receive email from inside and/or outside users.

To modify public folders:

  • Find the company in CloudPanel and select itPublicFolderUsers@ security distribution groups
  • Click on Microsoft Exchange -> Public Folders
  • The first public folder listed is the root folder and it cannot be modified. Click on the root folder
  • Now you should see all public folders directly under the root folder. If your public folder is missing then go back to the public folder mailboxes page and click on the refresh button. Once you see the public folder you want to enable for email click on the pencil icon
  • Select E-Mail Settings
  • Enter the values you want to be applied to this public folder.

Keep in mind that if you want the public folder to receive email from external users you will need to uncheck “Require Sender Authentication Enabled”

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