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What is happening on the back end?

Up to this point you should have working public folders for your customers but you may be wondering what exactly is happening on the backend?

Enabling public folders for a company will:

  • Create a PublicFolderAdmins@ and PublicFolderUsers@ security distribution groups
  • Add Admins@CompanyCode to PublicFolderAdmins@CompanyCode
  • Add AllUsers@CompanyCode to PublicFolderUsers@CompanyCode
  • Create a new public folder mailbox and apply limits based on the public folder mailbox plan
  • Create a new root public folder in the new public folder mailbox using the name you provided in the Root Public Folder Name field
  • Add the PublicFolderAdmins and PublicFolderUsers security groups to the new root public folder for the company
  • Update the DefaultPublicFolderMailbox attribute for all users within the same company to the new public folder mailbox that was created.
    Once your customers have working public folders you can create new public folders (under their root)?using CloudPanel but specific public folder types such as Calendar or Contact public folders will need to be created with Outlook.
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