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Import Companies

You can import companies in Active Directory into the CloudPanel database by going to: /CloudPanel/import/[ResellerCode]

Before importing the companies you must make sure the organizational unit is located in the reseller organization unit that is under the Hosting OU you specified in the CloudPanel settings.

Make sure the uPNSuffixes attribute on the company’s organizational unit contains the domains that are part of the company. If you forget to do this then it will result in an error.

There are some important things to note when importing companies:

  • During the import process the system will create the security groups and organizational units that are missing. Do not pre-create these objects because it will cause the import process to fail. These objects include the Applications and Exchange OU’s and the AllUsers and AllTSUsers security groups.
  • You must choose an organization plan in the drop down list to assign to the company when importing
  • The name of the organizational unit will be used as the Company Code during the import process. You must make sure the name does not contain any special characters (whitespace is OK) or it will cause an error when trying to access the company.
  • If you have whitespace in the organizational unit name you may need to check the security groups being created and remove whitespace from the name in the group
  • If you do not remove the “Protect object from accidental deletion” from the organizational unit then you will be unable to delete this company completely from CloudPanel
  • During the import process if you select that the company is already Exchange enabled then you MUST make sure all the Exchange objects that CloudPanel would normally create already exist in Exchange. If you want to let CloudPanel create these for you and move your users to the new Address Book Policy that CloudPanel creates then you can import the company without checking Exchange enabled and go into the company and enable Exchange (this will create the objects for you)
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