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Importing Users

You can import users from Active Directory into the CloudPanel database by going to: /CloudPanel/company/[CompanyCode]/import/users

When importing users you must make sure that the users are already configured properly on the backend. CloudPanel will just read the data from the Active Directory user and place it in the database without making any modifications to Exchange or anything else on the backend.

Important notes about importing users:

  • The import user page may show other objects in Active Directory that are not users. Pay special attention to what you are importing
  • The users need to have their UserPrincipalName using a domain that is part of the company already
  • If the user already has a mailbox you must select a Mailbox plan that matches the settings. Choosing the Mailbox plan will not update the user’s settings in Exchange which is why you must make sure the CustomAttribute1 value contains the company code, the correct Address Book Policy is set and the other Exchange properties match the plan. If you choose a Mailbox plan and the user doesn?t have a mailbox then CloudPanel will detect this and import the user into the database without a mailbox.
  • If the user already has an archive mailbox you must choose the archive plan that matches the settings.
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