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Move the Organizational Unit

The first thing we will need to do is move the company’s organizational unit. In this example going forward we will be moving a company with the code ‘COM‘ that is under the reseller with code ‘LAB‘ to a new reseller that has a code of ‘TEN‘. These are just examples and does not match your environment. You need to replace the appropriate codes with the ones you are moving in YOUR environment.

  • Find the company with code “COM” in Active Directory, right click the organizational unit, and choose “Move”
  • In this example we are moving this company to the reseller with code “TEN”. Once you find “TEN” select it and choose OK.
  • Now that the organizational unit has been moved, go find it and open “AllTSUsers@COM”. Select the Member Of tab and remove the old GPOAccess@LAB group from this list. Now click on Add and find GPOAccess@TEN. (Remember the group names will be different because your codes for the reseller and the company are different)
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