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By default CloudPanel will use the first global branding it finds in your branding configuration of CloudPanel. Starting with this release of CloudPanel there is a new drop down list on the branding page where you can associate a branding with a specific reseller if you use resellers.

How CloudPanel chooses which FQDN to use:

  1. CloudPanel looks up the user with the expired password and finds the reseller that the user is under.
  2. CloudPanel checks the database if that reseller has a custom branding applied. If the reseller does have a custom branding applied, then it will use that FQDN
  3. If CloudPanel can’t find a custom branding for the reseller the user is under, then it will default to the first branding that does not have a reseller selected.
  4. If there are multiple matching brandings, it will use the first one in alphabetical order.
  5. If CloudPanel cannot find a branding, then an error will occur.
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