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How To

The first thing you need to do is configure how many days you want to start notifying the user that their password is about to expire. If you set the value to 14 then CloudPanel will search all users in the database with passwords about to expire within 14 days from the current server time.

When you login as a super admin, click on the right menu toggle button located at the top right.

This will bring you to another screen where you can choose Setup CloudPanel which will take you to the configuration.

Once you are on the CloudPanel Setup page, you will select E-mail Notifications and then select Enable/Disable Notifications tab.

At the very bottom you will find the password notification section where you can choose if you want to send password expiration notices to customers and also choose the number of days before their password expires to start e-mailing them.

Next, you will need to configure the body of the message you want to send to your customers. On the same page, select the Password Expires tab at the top and you will find a HTML editor where you can customize the message you want to send.

When configuring your message you can include variables that CloudPanel will replace with actual data from the database when the e-mails are sent. In the next section of this article will list each variable and what it displays.

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