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The e-mail notifications sent to your clients can be customized by using a set of predefined variables. Simply include as many of the available variables listed below or on the setup page.

{{DisplayName}}Replaces {{DisplayName}} with the actual display name of the user
{{Firstname}}Replaces {{Firstname}} with the actual first name of the user
{{Lastname}}Replaces {{Lastname}} with the actual last name of the user
{{Email}}Replaces {{Email}} with the actual email of the user
{{ExpirationLink}}Replaces {{ExpirationLink}} with the URL to your CloudPanel so the user can click on the link you provide to bring them to a page to reset their password.
{{Days}}Replaces {{Days}} with the number of days before their password expire. This is calculated off the server current time and the date their password expires.
{{ExpirationDate}}Replaces {{ExpirationDate}} with the actual date and time their password expires in format [Date H:MM:SS AM/PM]
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